Rosan Resources Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 578)

The Group is principally engaged in the sales and production of coal in Henan Province, the People’s Republic of China. The subsidiary of the Group owns five coal mines (i.e. Xingyun Coal Mine, Xiaohe Coal Mine and Xiangyang Coal Mine) with total area of approximately 7.7 square kilometers. The total coal reserves were approximately 30.0 million and the designed annual production capacity was 1.4 million tons.
To implement the national environmental protection policies, each coal mine has taken the following measures to protect the environment and reduce pollution, in order to create clean production environment:

Coal Mines Map

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There are walls around a coal mines and contains a sprinkler. Sprinkler equipment cover the entire coal mines area and watering once every 2-3 hours
Vehicles equipped with a sprinkler units watering surround of coal mine and road once a day
Watering factory and road twice a day for descending dust
Coal vehicle with proof and scour vehicle tires
A main air shaft fan installed silencer and frequency conversion devices, as well as winches also installed frequency conversion devices which control noise pollution effectively
Underground polluted water and ordinary domestic sewage must handle by respective sewage treatment station and meet the standard before effluxion.
Meet the first grade of national air emission standards, check and maintain the dust disposal equipment regularly to ensure such equipment under normal operation

Xingyun Coal Mine

Xiaohe Coal Mine

Xiangyang Coal Mine